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Home | Glossary | What Is An Autoresponder?

What Is An Autoresponder?

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An Autoresponder is a server side application that automatically sends email messages in response to an email being sent to the application first.

start quoteThe web form code is usually generated from within the Autoresponder control panel.end quote
Autoresponders (Also known as Auto-Responders and Responders.) are widely used by big Internet Marketing companies, small home based web businesses and individuals.

The Simple Basic Autoresponder

Somebody sends an email to your Responder and it instantly replies with a pre-written message. For example, the pre-written message can inform people that you are on vacation and you will answer their email when you get back.

The Advanced Intelligent Autoresponder

Somebody sends an email to your Responder, then, it automatically adds the name and email address to a mailing list. It then replies with your pre-written email message. The intelligent Autoresponder can reply with pre-written messages instantly, or it can reply at some time in the future (1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and so on).

Example Web Form
Example Web Form
Advanced, intelligent Autoresponders can capture emails and add them to a list in 2 ways:

  • By sending a blank email to the Autoresponder.
  • By submitting a web form which contains at least an email address.
Most regular web pages can have an Autoresponder web form embedded into the HTML. The web form code is usually generated from within the Autoresponder control panel by the owner.

These web forms are also used in web pages called Squeeze Pages and Landing Pages.

The Sequential Autoresponder

Internet Marketers use Sequential Autoresponders to send a series of sales messages, or for example a "12-Part Mini Course" to their mailing list. The messages get sent in a pre-set sequence with a pre-determined time frame.

The Sequential Autoresponder Feature is usually found in advanced, intelligent Autoresponders. It can send a series of pre-written emails to a mailing list. The time space between each email is pre-set by the owner of autoresponder.

There are 3 ways to setup an Autoresponder

  1. Basic
  2. Rent one.
  3. Buy one.


Most web hosting accounts allow you to configure a simple basic autoresponder through your web mail settings. Some web mail services also allow you to do this.

Rent One (Recommended)

For marketing purposes, you can simply rent an advanced, intelligent Autoresponder for a monthly or yearly fee.

The major benefit in renting an autoresponder from a reputable company is that more of your emails will actually get delivered rather than filtered out into the spam folder, and you can protect yourself from spam complaints.

Buy One

You can purchase an advanced, intelligent Autoresponder and install it on your own web site. This option is not recommended because you can get accused of being a spammer and lots of emails will never get delivered.


Don't just buy an Autoresponder script/software.

Check first to make sure your web hosting plan supports the programming language that the script is written in. For example, if it is a PHP script, make sure that your web hosting plan has PHP installed on the server.

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